The National Football League pays $765 million to settle a lawsuit added by way of greater than 4,500 former gamers over the league’s as soon as lackadaisical approach to concussions and head injuries. The settlement inside the a lot-publicized healthy became introduced on Aug. 29.

Despite a big payout that nearly equals the price of building a new football stadium, the New York Times referred to as the agreement a victory for the NFL. The Times stated that the NFL should have confronted billions in liability.

Under the phrases of the agreement, the league does no longer admit a key allegation placed forth by way of the players – that the NFL knowingly concealed from its athletes the quantity of danger posed by using repeated head injuries. The league has steadfastly denied this, announcing it depended on the pleasant to be had technological know-how at every step.

The settlement cash will fund scientific assessments for the retired players, medical research and repayment for those affected.

No Sworn Testimony

Perhaps most importantly, the agreement will preserve the gamers and the general public inside the dark approximately precisely what the league knew, and while, approximately mind accidents. Had the case continued without a agreement, the discovery method would have discovered previously unknown information. The case might possibly have seen depositions from league officials and league medical doctors addressing the issue below oath.


The gamers within the suit consist of as a minimum 10 Hall of Famers tormented by the lengthy-time period consequences of repeated concussions and head traumas. Also covered within the healthy are family participants of some players who’ve died of causes that can be related to mind accidents, such as Junior Seau, the superstar linebacker who took his own life in 2012. It was discovered that he suffered from a brain situation referred to as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. Also located in different deceased soccer gamers, this condition can result in depression, aggression, serious cognitive impairment and dementia.

Increased Attention on Brain Injuries

If something true effects from this, it’s far that the NFL and the public no longer shrug head accidents off as in reality “a part of the game.” The more time is going by way of, the more we apprehend the potentially devastating impact repeated head trauma will have. We don’t just see it inside the NFL. We see it in different sports from soccer to winter sports activities, or even in young people leagues.

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