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If you are passionate about whatever from literature, music, art, structure, product layout, avenue art, technology, psychology, way of life, society, entrepreneurship, parenting & the environment (whatever human targeted, creative or scientific) feel unfastened to use.

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This is a publication for the eternal student, who finds joy in learning about everything around them. For the driven and ambitious problem solvers, the dreamers, the artists, the engineers and the rebels…for those seeking to create something worthwhile, beautiful & most importantly useful.

How to submit your article

STEP 1: Application process

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  • If your article is accepted, you will be added as a writer.
  • Once added as a writer, you will be able to submit your article (and future articles) to Bing News Quiz for review.
  • Otherwise, I won’t be able to request the article to
  • Bing News Quiz only allows articles to be published to 1 publication at a time. If your article has already been published with a different publication, then I’m not allowed to request it.
  • Once your article is published with Bing News Quiz  try to not remove it for at least 6 months.
  • If the article is approved, I will add a form for the publications newsletter at the bottom of your article . There should be only one newsletter form in an article, so no need to add your own forms.

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