Bing News Quiz

Bing offers users with correct information that are taking place and occurred for the duration of the world. It gathers information from different countries, kingdom, and neighborhood. This feature become prepared to replace site visitors with in-intensity knowledge of what is going on all around the world. It consists of diverse classes such as leisure, recreation, business, and so on. Nowadays, whilst you go to the Bing homepage, you will observe the brand new Bing News Quiz characteristic. Bing gives quizzes to traffic or users to realize how much they’re updated with the contemporary affairs. If you operate Bing rarely, you may need to apply it often.


What Is bing Quiz ?

Bing weekly quiz bing is very popular in United States. There are many people join the quiz with the various reasons. At least they say that it is very interesting for them. They get knowledge, entertainment and awards. Of course with the feature quiz which is offer by Bing, it is adding the fans of Bing to always visit

If you are not yet join to that quiz, we think there is nothing wrong to you to try the answer of that quiz. The fact, the people who first join in a quiz they are a little confuse to answer it. Bing just wants to know how you know your news. So if you always search in Bing and are a good visitor which is really look for the news from Bing, let’s test your knowledge in weekly quiz bing.

Bing’s home page gets smart with trivia, quizzes & polls

Replacing the “hotspots” previously listed atop the image of the day is a graduation cap icon that leads to a three-question quiz.

Bing wants to pull more users via its homepage, and is using trivia to do it.

Last month, the site began posting trivia questions in place of “hotspots” on The trivia questions relate to Bing’s image of the day and display when you hover over the graduation cap icon now showing on the homepage.

Answering the trivia question will launch a three-question quiz at the top of a search results page for whatever the correct answer is. The quiz interface lists the correct answer, further info on the topic and the option to answer the next question.

In addition to the daily quizzes, Bing also has a weekly news and trends quiz that it posts on Fridays which can be found in the “Popular Now” carousel that runs across the bottom of its homepage.

Bing Rewards members can earn credit by taking the quizzes, and quiz scores can be shared on social sites.

Senior managing editor Kristen Kennedy and senior program manager Vinay Krishna said they want Bing’s homepage to be a source of inspiration for millions and an entry point to learn more about the world.

“We’re betting on the quiz format as the means of driving deeper exploration and serendipitous discovery,” writes Kennedy and Krishna on the Bing Search Blog.

In addition to the its recently launched quizzes, Bing says it is also using user polls to gauge people’s thoughts and opinions around current events and trending topics. Surveys have included everything from the Cincinnati Zoo’s Harambe gorilla being shot after a child fell into the gorilla enclosure to Mother’s Day gift choices.

Latest Bing News Quiz

What is Special About the Bing News Quiz?

There are many users who have joined the Bing quizzes. If you join too, you will be quite happy approximately the brand new capabilities that Bing is offering to the customers. Bing information quizzes are so much like Bing weekly quizzes, Bing day by day quiz, and Bing developments quiz. The news quiz apparently, increases the visitors into the Bing seek engine. As fun because the weekly information quiz is, it also can convey you loose money and stuff. For instance, while you are coming into the best solutions, you are incomes points, and with the ones points, you could buy stuff from the Microsoft keep without spending a dime.

To register to the Bing rewards program and play quizzes, you clearly need to go to Bing. However, if your search settings in not already in English, you have to alternate it first. The game is simplest to be had within the United States. After journeying, you want to open the carousel by way of clicking at the icon from the bottom of your display. You will quickly discover the Bing Weekly Quiz logo which you need to click to begin the Bing information sport.

How To Play Bing News Quiz?

There is a complete of seven questions that you have to solution. All of those questions are from one-of-a-kind classes which include sports, amusement, news, and so forth. If you think that you are actually updated with the whole lot that is occurring to your environment, then you could take a shot. To answer the questions efficiently, first examine them carefully. After completing the adventure, Bing will show you the score.

Based on some research, this newly created feature has increased the traffic inside the Bing platform by way of 65%. There are a few folks who go to Bing to check out the trendy information related to business, enjoyment, sports and plenty of more, but they do not be a part of within the weekly quiz contest.

There is likewise an exciting characteristic that is a poll. It enables you to review the modern-day occasions and trending subjects. The Bing quiz is commonly posted on each Fridays and to play the quiz, first, discover the Popular Now carousel from the lowest of the display of the homepage. You can solution 10 questions from 10 famous developments that have been happened inside the past week. Here we’re encouraging you to play the Bing News Quiz and score very excessive!

Play Online Bing Weekly Quiz Questions Answers

Bing News Quiz: As we understand, on this instructional world many human beings want to play different forms of Online Quiz game which might be based on special subjects together with current activities, popular awareness and social know-how and so forth. By playing diverse types of on line trivialities quizzes and stale-line minutiae questions, we get to learn about different kinds of crucial matters and also we get to recognize more about our know-how in a exceptional field. Sometimes Online minutiae quiz games offer thrilling rewards whilst we will win the quiz recreation show.

Bing News Quiz is offering you a big wide variety of trivia questions or modern occasion quiz to check your basic trivialities information about the contemporary occasions, information and general focus, and social cognizance that occurs across the week. However, Bing comes with 7 specific trivialities questions for each person in each Friday. But on this on line quiz section, we are seeking to collect a big listing of Online Trivia Questions and Answers or Bing News Quiz. So, in case you are a news junkie, allow’s try to examine and also try and play those on line Bing trivia questions solutions game or Bing Weekly Trivia Quiz and boom your trivia expertise in specific fields.


USA is the most popular, coveted study abroad destination among Indians. There are over 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States and about 50 of them rank in the top 100 universities around the world list. In a country with such a rich treasure of educational institutions, it becomes increasingly difficult to make the right choice. So, here’s a list of some of the best universities USA has to offer.

1.Princeton University
One of the colleges in the prestigious Ivy League, Princeton tops the National University Rankings by the US News. Established in 1746, the college boasts of a campus of around 600 acres. It is one of the oldest institutions in America and one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution. Princeton is well-known for its courses in Humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Notable alumni of Princeton include 65 Nobel Laureates, 15 Field Medalists, former President Woodrow Wilson, Michelle Obama and prominent members of the U.S Congress and U.S Cabinet.

2.Harvard University
Located outside Boston, Harvard is made up of 13 schools including the most sought-after Business School, Medical School and Law School. It is the United States’ oldest institution established in 1636. Harvard is also known for its exceptional library which has the oldest and largest private collection of books in the US. Alumni of Harvard include eight U.S presidents, 62 current billionaires and 158 Nobel Laureates.

3.Columbia University
Initially started as King’s College, it got renamed as Columbia University in 1784. The current location of the college is New York and is known for its ground-breaking research and breakthroughs in the field of science. The Columbia physics department has graduated 33 Nobel Prize winners. Columbia’s other alumni include five of the Founding Fathers of the United States and three U.S Presidents. Columbia Business School, Law School and School of Physicians and Surgeons are some of the most prestigious schools in Columbia University.

4.Yale University
Yale is another private Ivy League university in Connecticut and is the third-oldest educational institution in the United States. It is known for being highly selective with the lowest acceptance rate. Yale claims to have some of the best faculty members and college facilities. The college is also popular for its exceptional drama and music programs. Some notable Yale alumni include 5 U.S Presidents, 61 Nobel Laureates, Bob Woodward, Edward Norton and Meryl Streep.

5.University of Chicago
Located near Lake Michigan, University of Chicago is a private university founded in 1890. It is we3ll known for its professional schools like Pritzker School of Medicine, the Booth School of Business and Harris School of Public Policy Studies. Some of the other popular undergraduate and postgraduate courses are Sociology, Economics, physics and political science. There are over 400 student clubs and organizations in the University like Cultural and Religious groups, academic clubs, etc. The U of Chicago organizes a scavenger hunt every year wherein large teams of students participate to collect various obscure items.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology or commonly known as MIT is a private university founded in 1861. It is largely known for its School of Engineering and MIT Sloan (School of Management). Other undergraduate and postgraduate programs popular among students are economics, political science, urban studies, linguistics and physical sciences. MIT is widely recognized for conducting extensive research and technological innovation. It is one of the toughest schools to get in and the competition for admission is fierce.

What Is PNR Complete Shape?

PNR stands for “Passenger Name Record”. It is an Indian Railways database file against which adventure information of a passenger or a group of passengers are stored. The ten-digit specific range has a passenger’s private facts like name, age and gender.


To test PNR reputation on mobile, download app in your telephone. Click on “Check Train Live PNR Status”. Punch for your 10-digit specific Passenger Name Record range or PNR quantity and click on on “Check Status”. This will provide you with precise information of you PNR, along with the credentials.

What Should I Do, If I If I Lose My PNR Variety?

If you’ve got booked the price tag on-line through irctc.Co.In, then really go to “Booked History” alternative and retrieve your price ticket. In case you lose the physical replica of your price ticket, then visit any nearest computerized reservation counter and make contact with the Chief Reservation Supervisor along with your ID evidence. He will difficulty a replica price tag if your price ticket has been showed.

Where Can I Locate My PNR Variety On Price Tag?

PNR wide variety, a 10-digit specific variety, is generated on a showed price ticket. This number is placed at the top left nook of the broadcast price tag. On an e-price ticket, it’s miles mentioned at the top in a separate mobile.

What Is PNR Confirmation Probability?

PNR popularity tells whether or not your booking is confirmed or you may have to wait to get a seat until a person cancels their price tag. The information of the educate educate and berth, the teach price ticket fare, the departure and arrival date and time may be found with the assist of PNR quantity. The possibility of a PNR wide variety getting showed depends on the number of cancellations completed. It additionally is based on factors like weekends, season, fairs, unique activities, amongst other elements.

PNR Status

The Indian Railways PNR, additionally referred to as, Passenger Name Record is a number of that consists of non-public information of a passenger. It incorporates the itinerary for the passenger, or a group of passengers touring collectively. It states whether or not the price tag has been confirmed, on ready list (WL) or is beneath reservation against cancellation (RAC). It affords info of the educate and seat number, magnificence of journey, chart reputation, train name, train wide variety, booking fame, present day popularity, journey time and fare apart from the primary information about arrival and departure time of trains.

How Is A PNR Number Generated?

The PNR number consists of 10 digits, where the first 3 digits specify the PRS (Passenger Reservation System) from which the ticket is booked. The first digit of the PNR number specify that the zone of the train (starting station of the train) of the ticket. The following numbers belong to the below mentioned zones respectively.

1 – Issued from the SCR zone (Secundarabad PRS)

2, 3 – Issued from NR, NCR, NWR, or NER zone (New Delhi PRS)

4, 5 – Issued from SR, SWR, or SCR zone (Chennai PRS)

6, 7 – Issued from NFR, ECR, ER, EcoR, SER or SECR zone (Kolkata PRS)

8, 9 – Issued from CR, WCR, or WR zone (Mumbai PRS)

The last 7 digits are randomly generated digits, only to make the PNR number unique.

PNR Status Prediction

Paytm now helps you make a decision better to your educate ticket bookings based at the chance of having the tickets confirmed. With our new “PNR Confirmation Prediction” characteristic, you can now predict the affirmation opportunity of the waitlisted tickets, ensuring that your booked tickets get showed via the journey date.

How does the PNR Confirmation Prediction function work?
When you take a look at the train tickets via getting into the route, travel date and the class of journey, a listing of trains could appear with the probability percent of having your tickets showed. You can e book your tickets wherein the affirmation possibility percentage mentioned is on the higher aspect.

PNR Generation for Various Types of Trains
The PNR quantity is generated for various styles of Indian Railways trains. From the daily explicit trains to regular passenger trains, every train can be categorised based totally on their halts, common velocity and other relevant elements.

Passenger Trains: Passenger trains generally run among short distanced cities. There are gradual as well as fast passenger trains run with the aid of the Indian Railways. Since there may be no teach price tag reservation facility for these trains, no PNR variety is generated here.

Express and Super-rapid Express Trains: These trains perform throughout longer distanced routes in India. The tickets may be reserved here, for that reason a unique PNR variety is generated for each ticket that facilitates in figuring out the visitor.

Metro Trains: Metro trains are the trains that are absolutely geared up with all centers and technologies that have started out operations in numerous metro towns like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The metro train tickets can not be reserved, and thus no PNR variety era is processed right here.

Suburban Local Trains: There are rapid neighborhood trains that halt most effective at critical stations and slower suburban trains that prevent at every station at the path. Seat reservation isn’t always possible right here, for this reason no PNR generation is likewise carried out on suburban trains.

Shatabdi and Janshatabdi Express Trains: These high-pace trains run between moderately distanced critical stations. Both trains do not have sleeper coaches. One of the main differences among the Shatabdi and Janshatabdi trains is that Janshatabdi trains incorporate each AC and non-AC coaches, while Shatabdi trains are absolutely air-conditioned. You can test the PNR of these train tickets as the tickets may be reserved here.

Rajdhani Express Trains: These completely air-conditioned trains are rapid trains with much less number of stops, and they run between most important towns in India. The teach tickets can be reserved, and the PNR status may be checked too.

Garib Rath Trains: These trains have AC three Tier coaches and the tickets can be reserved. Live PNR status may be checked for Garib Rath trains.

Duronto Express Trains: These trains run from supply to vacation spot without a halt in between. The tickets may be reserved, and the PNR reputation may be tracked too.

Ways To Check IRCTC PNR Status

You can understand your PNR live status and train info from multiple sources that include:

  • PNR status check for railway reservation using SMS/phone: SMS PNR and send to 139 or call 139
  • PNR status on mobile on Paytm App/Website
  • PNR Status Enquiry at railway station counters
  • Check in Final reservation charts