We think that you will celebrate the Halloween, but you are so confused to celebrate it. Furthermore, you do not have any preparations to celebrate the Halloween. Then, you are probably confused for this condition. But, don’t worry, because we will show you some Halloween Trivia Question and Answers. Why this?

For answer the questions, the quiz is so needed at all. It is because you will consider to give the quiz to your friends when celebrating the Halloween. The topic of the quiz is exactly about Halloween. You can hold the quiz, then, give it to your friends. Then, who can answer the quiz can get the prize, meanwhile the loss one can get the punishment. It is so fun, isn’t?

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Here are the kinds of quizzes that you can take soon!

What type of demon, originating from Arab mythology supposedly robs graveyards and feeds on human beings?
a. A ghoul
b. An angel
c. A saint
The answer is A (A Ghoul)

Which original country that belongs to Jack-o-lanterns?
a. Scotland
b. Ireland
c. England
The answer is B (Ireland)

How much pounds of candy corn was produced in each year to celebrate the Halloween?
a. 20 million pounds
b. 10 million pounds
c. 35 million pounds
The answer is C (35 million pounds)

What is the material to make original costumes of Halloween?
a. Premium Leather
b. Animal head and skin
c. Polyester
The answer is B (Animal head and skin)

Which immigrants that came to America that thought pumpkin was easier that potatoes to carve?
a. Irish Immigrants
b. Greek Immigrants
c. Englander Immigrants
The answer is A (Irish Immigrants)

Where does the Vampire cat live?
a. Middle America
b. Midwest United States
c. South and Central America
The answer is C (South and Central America)

What is most popular candy on Halloween?
a. Chocolate candy
b. Strawberry candy
c. Vanilla candy
The answer is Chocolate candy

From which other two words do we get the word bonfire?
a. Bone and Fire
b. Bonny and Fire
c. Bomb and Fire
The answer is A (Bone and Fire)

Based on old legend, if you see a spider on Halloween, what does it mean?
a. There will an accident come to you.
b. That a loved one is watching over you.
c. That will be a good new about your love
The answer is B (That a loved one is watching over you)

Do pumpkins grow in the ground, on vines, or on trees?
a. On trees
b. On land
c. On vines
The answer is C (On Vines)

And what is the name of the killer in that movie?
a. Michael Myers.
b. Laurie Strode
c. Bernard Foind
The answer is A (Michael Myers)

Is pumpkin a vegetable of fruit?
a. Fruit
b. Vegetable
c. Both
The answer is A (Fruit)

What the name of night before Halloween for the New Englanders?
a. The Cabbage Night
b. The Nerf Night
c. The Pumpkin Night
The answer is A (The Cabbage Night)

Which city in America that observes the largest Parade of Halloween in US?
a. Los Angeles
b. New York
c. Canada
The answer is B (New York)

We get the statement that Celtics were superstitious, is it true or false?
a. True
b. False
c. Not both
The answer is A (True)

Well, you already know a little about Halloween. The quiz is so important for you if you are interested to take the quiz on Bing or hold a quiz during Halloween celebrations with friends. So, you can give those questions above to them. Happy Halloween!

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