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In 2000, ‘Scary Movie’ gave rise to a series of films, whose main argument was to make fun of the horror tapes that dominated the big screen of the time.

His first version was based mainly on ‘Scream’, following as a formula presenting a parody of the classic teenage stereotypes of the United States, through a group of friends formed by the fool, the noble and the hero, among others.

All of them were persecuted by a serious murderer who manages to kill them regardless of whether they escape or hide, although there are always survivors who star in some of the sequels.

There are at the moment seven versions of the movie from 1 to 7. Discover all the secrets and learn more about all of them playing the free quizzes of Bing. You will enjoy a trivia game about this famous movie series for you.

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Scary movies are not for the weak at heart and where there are some of us who can watch them all night without sleep, some would spend the night having nightmares. Are you a big fan of horror movies and actually have a favorite one you can watch time and time again like me and saw? Test out your knowledge of scary movies by taking up the quiz below.

Scary movie

A year after getting rid of the body of a man who had been accidentally killed, a group of stupid teenagers is stalked by a useless serial killer. Young people are also besieged by a latosa journalist (Cheri Oteri). The massacre begins when Drew Decker (Carmen Electra) is killed, leading to a series of the dumbest deaths.
Address: Keenen Ivory Wayans
Cast: Anna Faris, Cheri Oteri, Marlon Wayans, Shannon Elizabeth, Shawn Wayans
V.O Title: Scary Movie
Nationality: USA Year: 2000 Duration: 88 Genre: Comedy Color or B / W: Color Screenplay: Marlon Wayans, Buddy Johnson, Phil Beauman, Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer, Shawn Wayans Photography: Francis Kenny Music: David Kitay
Synopsis: A year after getting rid of the body of a man who had been accidentally killed, a group of stupid teenagers is stalked by a useless serial killer. Young people are also besieged by a latosa journalist (Cheri Oteri). The massacre begins when Drew Decker (Carmen Electra) is killed, leading to a series of the dumbest deaths.

Which actor made his film debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street?

  • Robert Englund
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Johnny Depp

Who is the villain in Halloween?

  • Jack Torrance
  • Pennywise
  • Michael Myers
  • Freddy Krueger

Which actor played the killer in Se7en?

  • Gary Oldman
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Brad Pitt
  • Willem Dafoe

Take The Horror Movie Quiz To Find Out Which One You’d Survive!

Horror movies are the films we watch that affect us on a personal level, cutting into our subconscious to probe at our naked fears and slithering through our dreams as nightmares. Horror movies keep us awake at night and they make us question our own humanity. Some of them are little more than bloody slasher massacres where blades and chainsaws rip through screaming victims and splatter the screen with a visceral red mess. Others are deep psychological explorations of madness and the limits of the human experience. Still others are monster movies, defined not by their ideas or victims but by the supernatural terrors that populate these pictures: savage werewolves howling at the silver moon, seductive vampires exsanguinating their victims with lips pressed against the necks as they drink, ancient celestial evils whose shapes cannot be contained by the four dimensions of space-time experienced by mere mortals, and other creatures stranger still. These are movies of madness and mystery, where the lights flicker and around every corner is something waiting to jump out at you. For whatever reason, we keep coming back for more as we all love to be scared, even if we don’t always admit it to ourselves. But what are your opinions on horror movies, and how well do you think you could survive one? Answer these questions to find out.

Questions :

Do you split up or stay in a group?

All good horror movies encounter this dilemma. Some people think there is safety in numbers. Others think that they can achieve more or attract less attention if they split a larger group up into smaller parts. Are you the sort who wants to be part of a bigger group, or do you feel more confident without others who might endanger you?


Do you enjoy being scared?

Some people like to be scared. Others don’t. This is nothing new, of course, but it also is a strong divide in the types of people who go see horror movies. Some go for other reasons, like intrigue in the story or the monsters. But many people genuinely thrill in being frightened. Which are you?


What is scarier: aliens or demons?

Each of these two unearthly beings is a regular staple of the horror genre. Demons come from other realms like the abysses of hell or often are unlocked from the relics imprisoning them in this realm. They are creatures of the occult. Meanwhile, aliens are visitors from space, arriving with technologies and biology being our understanding. Both represent a fear of the other—of that which we cannot know. But which do you find scarier?

Are children scary or innocent?

While in most genres, children are usually seen as innocents, this question is pretty quickly muddled once when starts delving into the murky depths of horror. In some movies, children are innocents who need protecting or upon whom the monsters prey. But other times, a child might be a demonic vessel, the literal scion of Satan, or just an uncannily evil individual regardless of whether they possess any supernatural powers. So, how do you feel about children in the genre?


Do you prefer psychological horror or supernatural horror films?

We all know what supernatural horror is. It is the type of movie filled with zombies, vampires, strange magics, or nefarious elder gods from beyond the 4-dimensional geometry of space-time. Psychological horror works on a different level, playing with suspense as it probes at the vulnerable exposed bits of our fears and insecurities. This latter genre is seen in movies like The Silence of the Lambs, Misery, and Black Swan. Which of these is your favorite subgenre of horror?


Pick your preferred movie monster: vampires or zombies?

These are two of the most popular types of movie monsters. Vampires have the haunting beauty of Victorian nobility which they mix with a bloodthirsty pathos and deep sense of longing. Werewolves, meanwhile, embody rage and madness unleashed, a full moon lunacy that breaks free from the confines of human limitations in a savage frenzy. Which of these do you like better?


Which slasher movie character is your favorite?

Slasher movies defined the 80s. The genre goes back further though, stretching back across the cinematic sprawl of corpses to such horror classics as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even Alfred Hitchcock’s black and white classic, Psycho. It has spawned subgenres like splatterpunk and the Italian giallo movies, and created some of the most famous characters in all of horror. Which of these iconic slashers has carved his way into your heart?


Where is the scariest place for you to be in a horror movie?

Often, horror is about setting. There are just some places you really don’t want to be. Scary places. Dangerous places. Places where no one can hear you scream and you are all alone with whatever is trying to kill you. From haunted graveyards to abandoned asylums to cultish towns in the brainwashed backwoods of suburbia, these lethal locales unsettle us and remind us of just how desperate things are. What is the scariest place you can think of in a horror film?


Are you a fan of J-Horror?

While most audiences are acquainted with horror made for Western audiences, the scariest movies often come from Japan. In fact, the genre of J-Horror is so popular, it has become its own inspiration for various Hollywood horror films. The Ring, The Grudge, Dark Water, and One Missed Call were all American remakes of classic Japanese horror films. Are you an otaku for J-Horror?


Do kaiju movies count as horror?

Kaiju are the biggest, baddest, scariest monsters that exist. From Gojira to King Kong, these massive monstrosities smash through buildings with a ruckus even noisier than the screams of those crush underfoot. But is it truly terror that they inspire in us, or a thrill at the immensity of scale that makes them seem to be titans stepping out of ancient myths? Should we call kaiju films a genre of horror?


Which version of It is better: the 1990 version or the 2017 one?

It is a universally accepted truth that clowns are terrifying, evil monsters. Nowhere is this made clearer than in Stephen King’s It. But there are two versions of the movie It. The more recent 2017 movie was a critical success, but long before this, there was an earlier version that came out in 1990. Which of the two versions was better?


What genre should The Shape Of Water be considered?

Guillermo del Toro’s newest film The Shape of Water won the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Production, and Best Original Score. It is a tale directly inspired by Gill-Man, the famous monster from the 1954 film Creature from the Black Lagoon, but it subverts the usual horror tropes. What genre does this movie belong in?


Do black and white horror movies survive the test of time?

Some of the most famous horror movies are in black and white. The great vampires such as Dracula and Nosferatu appear in silver screen classics, as do the rest of the Universal Monsters (most of whom were inspired by older Victorian and Romance literature). But other movies like Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho were also made without the use of color because of the atmospheric edge offered by black and white movies. Do these tales survive the test of time?


Which is scarier: It or The Shining?

Two of the most famous and popular scary movies are based on Stephen King novels. There is the 1980 film The Shining by director Stanley Kubrick, a maverick who obsessed over every scene so badly he caused actress Shelley Duvall to lose her hair in terror of him and in which Jack Nicholson supposedly got lost in the madness of his method acting. And then there is the modern horror masterpiece, It, which terrified audiences and critics alike with its transdimensional evil clown. But which of these is scarier?