You are probably interested in a natural phenomenon such as volcanoes. If you think that you have a lot of knowledge about it and you want to test your knowledge about it, you can take a quiz about volcanoes. Bing is one of platforms which provide quiz and you can try to search quiz about volcanoes in Bing.

Bing has quiz feature and it is for making people more fun when they are going to surfing in the internet especially in Bing. If you take a quiz in Bing, you will be able to get score which will make you more excited when you take the quiz. The daily quiz in Bing is usually about the picture of the day in Bing. So, it is better for you to have a lot of knowledge about everything.

If you want to take a quiz about volcano or you want to prepare for answering quiz about volcano in Bing, you need to learn. You have to read much about volcano and another way that you have to do is practicing in taking a volcano quiz. Here, we have some examples of questions of quiz about volcano so learn them!

1. Where do most volcanoes on Earth happen?

a. on land
b. over hotpots
c. on the ocean floor
d. along the equator

2. How is the volcano named Mount Rainier in Washington state classified?

a. dormant
b. extinct
c. active

3. Is it true that all hotspots rise up beneath oceanic plates?

a. yes, it is true
b. no, it is not true

4. What tools do helps scientists detect small changes in the shape of volcano?

a. “spiders” (seismic monitoring device)
b. Global Positioning System (GPS)
c. thermal imaging

5. How does seismic data help scientists predict volcanic eruptions?

a. It can help scientists track the amount of volcanic gas emissions.
b. It can help scientists track the movement of magma inside the volcano.
c. It can help scientists measure the types of gas released at the surface.

The quiz in some websites can also appear in the form of fill in the blank as examples below.

  • The most explosive eruptions come from stratovolcanoes. The magma in these volcanoes is … in silica, making the lava sticky, or viscous.
  • Gas bubbles are … able to escape from sticky viscous magma; increasing pressure in the magma chamber.

If you often read about volcano, you may be able to answer the examples of questions above well. But, if you cannot answer them, it means that you need to study again.

Volcano is an opening in the crust of Earth which permits molten rock, gases, and debris to escape to the surface. Hawaii, Alaska, California and Oregon have the most active volcanoes. However, the other states and territories have also active volcanoes. Volcanic eruption may involve lava and also the other debris which are able to flow up to 100 mph and it can destroy everything in their path. Even the ash of volcano can travel 100s of miles and it can cause severe health problem.