All About Bing Quiz of The Day

Many people like to play Quiz which all about our general and social knowledge. By playing different types of quizzes, we get to learn about different kinds of things and also we get to know about our knowledge in one particular field. Sometimes it gets even interesting when we can earn rewards by playing quizzes. Bing Weekly Quiz is offering you to check your knowledge about the news that happens around the week. Bing comes with 7 questions for every US users every Friday. So, if you are a news junkie, let’s get into the business!

If you are interested to play this Bing Weekly Quiz, then you need to visit But if your search engine settings is in any other language than English, you need to change it first. To open the carousel, you need to tap the icon. You will find it at the bottom of the screen. If you see the Bing logo tagged on Bing Weekly Quiz, click on it. Now, you can join in that quiz.

Bing Logo

You are going to get entertainment and nice gaming experience from weekly Bing. There are seven questions which you need to provide the answers to. If you are a news junkie who watches and reads news reports every day, then you are going to enjoy this weekly quiz.