You are probably interested in the largest place in the world, that is space. You might think that space is something that cannot be reached for common people. A person who has a chance travelling to the space is just an astronaut or researcher, more than that, it is so impossible to reach it. But, you do not be sad, because Bing provides you some of quizzes about World Space that can increase your knowledge that you never know before.

As we know that space can be called as the boundless of three-dimensional extent in which the events and the objects have relative direction and position. That is so difficult to be understood what it has happened for many years ago. In fact, just a little of person in the world that has a skill and bravery to do research and experiment at world space. For most of common people, they just get the information and new knowledge about space.

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Then, if you do not want to miss it, actually you have to increase your knowledge about space. By learning and keep looking for the space topic on books and internet is a must. But for now, you will be easy to get the knowledge about world space, just visit, you will get it. Indeed, Bing presents tons of varied quizzes with all general categories involved Bing world space week quiz.

Generally, the quiz will appear on the first page on Bing. You will be faced by 10 numbers of questions about world space. Then, you are able to answer it by clicking the true answer. But, if you are so curious to know the form of quiz, we share the samples of world space quiz on Bing. Here we go!

How to take the Quiz?

Taking the bing world space week quiz is very easy. You can search in the bing homepage by typing “World Space Week Quiz”. Don’t forget, if you live outside the bing quiz supported countries, the quiz will not shown.

Quiz Questions

1.Hubble Space Telescope has the same size as the ?

A. Airbus A330

B. Schoolbus

C. Locomotive

Traveling at about 5 miles per second, photos from the bus-sized satellite have provided scientists and astronomers with a glimpse of the Earth and the inner workings of the universe since 1990. The James Webb area Telescope, its successor, will launch in 2021.

2.This planet has days longer than years, which one?

A. Venus

B. Uranus

C. Jupiter

It takes 225 Earth days for Venus to go all the way around the sun, which means that a day on Venus is a little longer than a year. Since the day and year lengths are similar, a day on Venus is a little different than a day on Earth where the sun rises and sets once each day. Did you know? On this planet the sun rises every 117 Earth day.

3.‘Nebula’ is the latin word, what is mean?

A. Sun

B. Cloud

C. Meteor

The colorful, cosmic clouds—otherwise known as nebulae—are areas in which stars are being created or have died. Made of interstellar dust and gases, they aren’t visible to the naked eye.

4. Which of these is the same size as the Hubble Space Telescope?

a. school Bus
b. 757 Airplanes
c. Golf Cart
The answer is A (School Bus)

5. On which planet are days longer than years?

a. Saturn
b. Mars
c. Venus
The answer is C (Venus)

6. What does the word ‘nebula’ mean in Latin?

a. Vague
b. Star
c. Cloud
The answer is C (cloud)

7. Who sang ‘Space Oddity’?

a. Bob Dylan
b. The Rolling Stones
c. David Bowie
The answer is C (David Bowie)

8. Which of these things did the Apollo 11 crew not have before their mission to the moon?

a. Medical Exams
b. Food
c. Life insurance
The answer is C (Life Insurance)

9. Where is the tallest peak in the solar system located?

a. Earth
b. Mars
c. Uranus
The answer is B (Mars)