Bing provides users with accurate news that are happening and happened throughout the world. It gathers news from different countries, nation, and local. This feature was organized to update visitors with in-depth knowledge of what is going on all over the world. It contains various categories such as entertainment, sport, business, etc. Nowadays, when you visit the Bing homepage, you will notice the new  Bing News Quiz feature. Bing offers quizzes to visitors or users to know how much they are updated with the current affairs. If you use Bing rarely, you will want to use it regularly.

Bing News

What is Special About the  Bing News Quiz?

There are many users who have joined the Bing quizzes. If you join too, you will be pretty glad about the new features that Bing is offering to the users. Bing news quizzes are so much like Bing weekly quizzes, Bing daily quiz, and Bing trends quiz. The news quiz apparently, increases the visitors into the Bing search engine. As fun as the weekly news quiz is, it also can bring you free money and stuff. For example, when you are entering the correct answers, you are earning points, and with those points, you can buy stuff from the Microsoft store for free.

To register to the Bing rewards program and play quizzes, you simply need to go to However, if your search settings in not already in English, you have to change it first. The game is only available in the United States. After visiting, you need to open the carousel by clicking on the icon from the bottom of your screen. You will quickly find the Bing Weekly Quiz logo which you have to click to start the Bing news game.

How To Play Bing News Quiz?

There is a total of 7 questions that you have to answer. All of those questions are from different categories such as sports, entertainment, news, etc. If you think that you are really updated with everything that is happening in your surroundings, then you can take a shot. To answer the questions correctly, first read them carefully. After completing the journey, Bing will show you the score.

Based on some research, this newly created feature has increased the visitors in the Bing platform by 65%. There are some people who visit Bing to check out the latest news related to business, entertainment, sports and many more, but they do not join in the weekly quiz contest.

There is also an interesting feature that is a poll. It enables you to review the current events and trending topics. The Bing quiz is usually posted on every Fridays and to play the quiz, first, find the Popular Now carousel from the bottom of the screen of the homepage. You can answer 10 questions from 10 popular trends that have been occurred in the past week. Here we are encouraging you to play the Bing News Quiz and score very high!