The Bing motor racing Quiz  is a special trivial game of the Bing Search engine about motor and races. It is a group of questions and answers that will help the users measure how much they know about this racing topic.

Sports competitions played a vital role in the rapid popularization of cars. In an initial stage, which coincided with the Belle Époque, they proved that these vehicles could ride long distances in record time. The races also influenced the technical evolution of cars, a challenge to their speed, endurance and maneuverability. These experiences stimulated solutions that were soon incorporated into the models for everyday use.

The championships also represented advertising benefits for a training industry. In fact, the first events were organized by the press. With the publication of the names of the winning pilots, the homonymous brands were devoted, since the drivers of the prototypes were often their own creators. So influential were the competitions in this primitive phase that the automotive sector dedicated the bulk of its efforts until the First World War.

Definition of Racing

In the world of sports, the speed race is known as Dash or sprint, and in athletics it is a running race where a small distance is traveled, but at great speed.

This type of race is done on tracks and the distances vary between 60 to 400 meters, it is important to mention that the shortest distances are those that require more speed.

Those who practice this sport in athletics are known as sprinters
On the origins of the speed races, it is said that they originated in Greece, or at least it is where there are more documented data about it, in ancient times in the town of Olympia, the Olympic games were held in honor of Greek god Zeus.

For the modern era, in 1896, the first Olympic games were held in Greece, and it was there that the first final of the 100 meters runs, after the years, the International Federation of the 200 meters test is created smooth for men.

The term “motor racing” can refer to the motorsports such as Formula 1, Nascar, BTCC or British Touring Car Championships, and motorsport itself. A lot of people know about all the sports mentioned before.

For those who are interested in motor racing, the homepage of Microsoft Bing features the new daily quiz which is intended to drive engagement and broaden the horizons of Bing users with trivia. For the the motor racing, it is called Bing motor racing quiz. If you do no have any slightly idea about this kind of quiz, it is the offshoot of the former feature of the Bing wallpaper that which would offered up interesting trivia, including the one about the motor racing.

How much do you know about motor racing? Test your knowledge by taking a ting called motor racing quiz offered by Bing. Here are some of the questions that you can find.

1. What is the driving technique that used to create the advantage on superspeedways?

a. Side by side
b. Drafting
c. Pushing in the corners
d. Going loose around the corners

2. Who is the owner of the car driven by Jeff Gordon on the 2006 Winston Cup circuit?

a. Ray Evernham
b. Billy Bob
c. Rick Hendrick
d. Richard Childress

3. Who is the best F1 driver in the world according to the statistic?

a. Alain Prost
b. Ayrton Senna
c. Michael Schumacher

4. What is the governing body for motorsport?

a. FA
b. FIB
c. FBI
d. FIA

5. What team does Jason Plato rece for?

a. Honda Yuasa
b. BMR
c. Chip Gnassi Racing

6. What Nascar driver is retiring at the end of the 2015 season?

a. Kasey Kahne
b. Jeff Gordon
c. Dale Earnhardt

7. In the world of BTCC, what does BMR stand for?

a. British Motor Racing
b. British Motorsport Racing
c. British Made Racers

8. What year did Lewis Hamilton steal the world championships off Felippe Massa (F1)?

a. 2008
b. 2009
c. 2010

9. What track did Ayrton Senna die at?

a. Silverstone
b. Imola
c. Spa Frankochamps

10. Who is the most successful female Nascar driver?

a. Jessica Lester
b. Jennifer Jo Cobb
c. Danica Patrick

How to take the Bing motor racing quiz? In order to give a try, the first thing that you have to do is to go to the official website of Bing. Then, the Bing homepage should show the icon with the scholastic cap on it. The next thing that you have to do is to click on the said icon. After that, there will be a short question with options on it, answering it triggers the rest of the quiz. Do you understand everything so far? Please contact the representative of Bing if you have any question.

So, how many questions do you think you can answer? If you are not satisfied with your score, it is better for you to feed your brain and take another test of motor racing later.