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Many people like to play Quiz which all about our general and social knowledge. By playing different types of quizzes, we get to learn about different kinds of things and also we get to know about our knowledge in one particular field. Sometimes it gets even interesting when we can earn rewards by playing quizzes. Bing Weekly Quiz is offering you to check your knowledge about the news that happens around the week. Bing comes with 7 questions for every US users every Friday. So, if you are a news junkie, let’s get into the business!

If you are interested to play this Bing Weekly Quiz, then you need to visit But if your search engine settings is in any other language than English, you need to change it first. To open the carousel, you need to tap the icon. You will find it at the bottom of the screen. If you see the Bing logo tagged on Bing Weekly Quiz, click on it. Now, you can join in that quiz.

You are going to get entertainment and nice gaming experience from weekly Bing. There are seven questions which you need to provide the answers to. If you are a news junkie who watches and reads news reports every day, then you are going to enjoy this weekly quiz.

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Win Rewards with Bing Weekly Quiz

This quiz is very popular in the United States. There are many people who like to play quiz games, join this Weekly quiz every day. For the people who like to play Bing Weekly Quiz, say that this game is very addictive to them, as they are being able to get knowledge along with entertainment, and awesome rewards like Free Robux. So, now it is apparent that with this weekly quiz, Bing has won many of the gamers hearts.

If you have not joined that quiz yet, then do not worry further. There is nothing wrong to examine your knowledge about how much you know the world. Though Bing has created this quiz game to know how much people love to watch news nowadays. If you don’t watch news that much, it will encourage you to do so, in order to get ahead in this game.

How to convert your reward in real money in Bing Quiz

Bing users have so much knowledge about news, and this quiz contest is especially dedicated to them. Bing offers a trend quiz. And this trend quiz has become very popular in the United States. You can find this trend quiz in the  “Popular Now” carousel. The carousel can be found at the bottom of the homepage of Bing trend quiz. If you go to that quiz option, it will ask you 10 questions from top popular categories. All the news will be from the past week. After you give all the answers to the question, Bing will show you the score.

There are so many news categories available such as entertainment, technology, culture, and other news categories. You can play this quizzes on a daily basis. Keep checking for more news every day to play more and win more. In Bing, you are also getting trivia, quizzes, and polls. Keep checking for those fun things.