Do you like to visit Bing? If the answer is yes, we are sure that you will be familiar with the new features of Bing. Yeah, apparently Bing provide a feature called Bing quiz. There you will be able to find a Bing daily quiz, weekly quiz and trend quiz.

In this time, we are going to share one of quiz in Bing that you are able to try to play it. That quiz named Champagne France Bing quiz. You may interested to play this Champagne France Bing quiz. If you are interested to play this quiz, so you are able to play it now. After that, you are able to know how much knowledge you know about the Champagne France. Then, in the end of the quiz, you will be able to get your score that you can share on social media.

Here, in the text below, we have some examples of questions and answers about Champagne France. Now, time is for you to test your knowledge about the noble grapes and much more.

1. Do you know, what is a pressure in the Champagne bottle?

a. 4 atm
b. 5 atm
c. 6 atm

2. What the Champagne wine house that produces the famous Dom Perignon champagne?

a. Lombard and Cie
b. Laurent Perrier
c. Moet and Chandon

3. Where is the location of Champagne France?

a. Southern France
b. Eastern France
c. Northern France

4. Which of the Cities are able to be found the Champagne wine region?

a. Bordeaux
b. Reims
c. Montpellier

5. What is that name of the gas in Champagne which produces the bobbles?

a. Carbon monooxide
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Oxygen

6. In what year was the first Champagne wine house (Ruinart) established?

a. 1629
b. 1729
c. 1829

7. Do you know, what is the name of the Spanish version of Champagne wine?

a. Spumanti
b. Sekt
c. Cava

8. What grape is used for production of the blanc de blancs Champagne wine?

a. Pinot Noir
b. Sauvignon Blanc
c. Chardonnay

9. the dry Champagne wine called as what?

a. Sec
b. Demi Sec
c. Brut

10. What is the special tool that can be used to open Champagne bottles?

a. Champagne saw
b. Champagne screwdriver
c. Champagne saber

11. What country apart from France that consumes the most Champagne of the worlds?

a. Japan
b. United States
c. Great Britain

12. Do you know, what is the size of a Magnum Champagne bottle?

a. 1,25 liters
b. 1,5 liters
c. 1,75 liters

13. What is the name of wire that place on a Champagne bottle?

a. Chapeau
b. Haut
c. Muselet

Well, the text above is a list of questions for Champagne France quiz in Bing. After you know all those questions, now you are able to search for those answer. If you feel that you are enough smart to answer the Champagne France quiz in Bing, so you do not be hesitate to join or play Champagne France quiz in Bing.

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