A lot of people like taking quiz including students. If you are a student and now you want to take a back to school quiz in Bing, you are able to do that. If you take this quiz, you can refresh your knowledge. So, instead of doing nothing when you are in holiday, it is recommended for you to take this quiz.

When you access Bing site, you are able to find quiz in the three lines that you are able to find near the Sign in button. So, click on that three lines and then there will appear some menu there including Settings, Search History, My Saves, My Places, Fun and Games, Feedback and some more menu. Because you want to take a quiz and this activity is fun, so you have to choose Fun & Games. When you click that, you will be able to see a lot of options such as Sliding Tiles, Crossword, Chess, Sudoku, Matching Cards, Jigsaw, Homepage quiz, Surprise me, Celebrity quiz, News quiz, Geography quiz, and more options.

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Bing back to School (B2S) Quiz is actually same as the Bing Education Quiz. This quiz will test you about school smarts. The fun of the quiz is you will get fun facts in every question. The best part of the quiz is you can get 10 Microsoft Reward Points. By these points, you can redeem it to many rewards such as sweepstakes, gift cards and much more. The quiz consists of 10 questions. Whatever your score, you will get 10 Microsoft reward points. To claim the points, you must have Microsoft Account, and log in to your account when taking the quiz.

How to Take the Quiz

Taking the bing b2s quiz is very simple. Below is the step by step to take the quiz:

  1. Open an internet browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
  2. Go to bingnewsquiz.com.
  3. Search for “Back to School Quiz”
  4. The quiz will show on the top of the page.
  5. Start to answer the questions.
  6. Get the score and claim the points.
  7. Finish

Quiz Questions

When we take the quiz we get some interesting questions. We also get more information and fun facts in every question. Below is the sample questions of the quiz:

Which playground game was first documented in 17th century England?

A. Hopscotch

B. Dodgeball

C. Tetherball

The US K-12 public education system inspired by which nation?

A. Prussia

B. Mexico

C. France

In 1990 there are Children’s Television Act, what was the goal?

A. Ban all cartoons

B. Add educational programming

C. Boost ratings

A one-room school is attended by which author?

A. Joyce Carol Oates

B. Margaret Atwood

C. Joan Didion

It is an unusual thing about Abo Elementary School in New Mexico, what is that?

A. It was in a cave

B. It was haunted

C. It was all underground

What is the name of the color used on most school buses?

A. Electric Banana

B. Sunshine No. 5

C. National school bus glossy yellow

Which cartoon character was the first to appear on a lunchbox?

A. Felix the Cat

B. Snoopy

C. Mickey Mouse

Horace Mann’s give some contribution to US education, What was that?

A. The Chalkboard

B. Dodgeball

C. Free Public School

A modern pencil is made from ‘lead’ but what is the material inside?

A. Graphite

B. Chalk

C. Charcoal

Hymen Lipman is invented fun stuff, what is that?

A. Eraser on the end of a pencil

B. Combo lunchroom-gymnasium

C. Desk attached to a chair

Let say that you take Geography quiz because you want to remember about geography things. So, you can click on Geography quiz and then you will be given options again such as Europe, Agriculture Geology, Asia, Africa, General, Landmarks, Australia, United States, North America, and World Capitals.

Let say that you choose Landmarks, some examples of questions are:

Auschwitz is an infamous landmark. It is located it …

a. Czech Republic

b. Poland

c. Slovakia

d. Germany

Hagia Sophia is a popular landmark. Do you know where it is?

a. Bulgaria

b. Syria

b. Turkey

d. Turkey

Fort Sumter is a well known landmark. In which US state is it?

a. South Carolina

b. Georgia

c. Virginia

d. North Carolina

In Washington DC, James Hosban designed something. What is it?

a. The Pentagon

b. The Capitol

c. The White House

d. Union Station

Brnik is one of airports. Where is it?

a. Riga

b. Kiev

c. Ljubljana

d. Minsk

If you choose Agricultural Geology, the examples of questions will be like this.

What is the color of the distinctive lapis lazulu gemstone?

a. blue

b. yellow

c. clear

d. red

When you are studying rocks and soild, what were able to use to separate small particles from the larger ones?

a. scales

b. magnet

c. sieve

d. spring

Which breed of sheep is bred for its meat and wool?

a. Soay

b. Lonk

c. Wensleydale

d. Cheviot

In the options below, what is the type of soil?

a. Loam

b. Soam

c. Foam

d. Roam

What insect is notorious for swarming and can cause devastation to crops?

a. Ant

b. Locust

c. Red admiral butterfly

d. Dragonfly

What do you think about these questions? Is it easy or hard? Each of you may be different. Some of you may think that it is easy but some of you may think that it is hard to answer. To prove whether it is hard or easy, you can access Bing now and take the quiz.