Bing Testing a New Media Bar on the Homepage

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Likely ahead of time of the forthcoming Windows 8, www.bingnewsquiz.com has all the earmarks of being trying another bar on the landing page beneath the picture. I initially observed the new landing page on Tuesday, January tenth when I opened Internet Explorer 9. We opened Bing in various programs, and on various machines, and didn’t see the new design. Much like when we see something new on Google, we generally just observe it in one program. All things considered, I saw it for only 2 days, and now it has returned to the normal landing page. My estimate is that they had it up for CES, where they were flaunting tablets that were running Windows 8.

Patterns Replaces Popular Now

It would appear that the bar beneath the picture is the main genuine change to the page. New in this bar is the “Patterns” box. Contrasting it with the present rendition of the landing page, this seems to supplant the “Prominent Now” segment. There are 8 connections in the “Patterns” box with the new format , while the “Prevalent Now” area had 5.

New Weather Box

There is likewise a “Climate” box indicating you the present climate. What is intriguing to note about this crate is it was indicating the temperature for the city I live in. Be that as it may, when I took this screen capture I was at the workplace in Minneapolis, and I was not signed in to Bing. So I don’t know how it got the information for the city to show.

New Images Box

The following box is a “Pictures” box. The picture in this case switches like clockwork. Obliging the “Patterns” box, this gives off an impression of being founded on drifting picture look.

New Videos Box

The last box is a “Recordings” box. Like the picture box, this switches at regular intervals and furthermore is likely founded on slanting recordings.

A perspective on the Test Layout

Float over the accompanying picture to see the change from the present design to the test variant. Likewise, click for a bigger picture form.