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Global area week (wsw) is an critical global occasion celebrated seeing that 1999, in line with a united countries (un) resolution. The week long celebrations held from october 4 to 10 of each yr, commemorate  milestones in area exploration; 4th october marking the release of the first guy-made satellite, sputnik-1 in 1957 and tenth october marking the day on which the un declaration for non violent uses of outer area came into pressure in 1967. The celebrations are coordinated by using un with the assist of area week worldwide association and nearby coordinators in diverse countries, based on a subject matter declared by way of un, every year. The wsw occasion organisers are encouraged to discover, expand and observe this subject in all the programmes carried out all through the week. It fosters international cooperation in area outreach and schooling, focusing at the contributions to the betterment of mankind.

In kerala, global space week is celebrated each 12 months underneath the auspices of vikram sarabhai area centre (vssc), and isro inertial systems unit (iisu), thiruvananthapuram, due to the fact that 2001. For the duration of wsw, events and academic programmes with unique consciousness on area are organised inside and outdoor vssc, based totally at the theme declared by using un.

You are probably interested by the most important vicinity within the global, this is space. You may think that area is some thing that can not be reached for commonplace people. A character who has a risk travelling to the space is simply an astronaut or researcher, extra than that, it is so not possible to reach it. But, you do not be sad, due to the fact Bing offers you a number of quizzes approximately World Space which could growth your information which you never know earlier than.

As we recognize that space can be referred to as as the boundless of 3-dimensional volume in which the events and the objects have relative course and role. That is so difficult to be understood what it has befell for many years ago. In reality, only a little of man or woman in the global that has a talent and bravado to do research and experiment at international area. For most of not unusual human beings, they simply get the information and new information approximately space.

Then, in case you do no longer want to miss it, sincerely you need to growth your information about area. By mastering and keep searching out the distance subject matter on books and internet is a need to. But for now, you’ll be clean to get the information approximately international space, simply go to Bing.Com, you’ll get it. Indeed, Bing presents tons of various quizzes with all fashionable categories concerned Bing world space week quiz.

Generally, the quiz will seem on the primary page on Bing. You will be faced through 10 numbers of questions about international space. Then, you’re capable of answer it by clicking the real answer. But, if you are so curious to know the shape of quiz, we percentage the samples of global space quiz on Bing. Here we pass!

1. Which of these is the same size as the Hubble Space Telescope?

a. school Bus
b. 757 Airplanes
c. Golf Cart
The answer is A (School Bus)

2. On which planet are days longer than years?

a. Saturn
b. Mars
c. Venus
The answer is C (Venus)

3. What does the word ‘nebula’ mean in Latin?

a. Vague
b. Star
c. Cloud
The answer is C (cloud)

4. The first person traveling to space named?

a. Yuri Gagarin
b. Neil Armstrong
c. George Jetson
The answer is A (Yuri Gagarin)

5. How long do footprints last on the Moon?

a. Six months
b. A few seconds
c. Million of years
The answer is C (Million of Years)

6. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is called?

a. A storm
b. A volcano
c. A lake
The answer is A (A storm)

7. Who sang ‘Space Oddity’?

a. Bob Dylan
b. The Rolling Stones
c. David Bowie
The answer is C (David Bowie)

8. Which of these things did the Apollo 11 crew not have before their mission to the moon?

a. Medical Exams
b. Food
c. Life insurance
The answer is C (Life Insurance)

9. Where is the tallest peak in the solar system located?

a. Earth
b. Mars
c. Uranus
The answer is B (Mars)

10. Which planet is not named after a Greek or Roman deity?

a. Earth
b. Mercury
c. Pluto
The answer is A (Earth)

Well, you already know the samples of Bing World Space Week Quiz. So, it is the best time for you to practice and increase your knowledge about space by taking the quiz on Bing. Good Luck!